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Everything You Need To Fix A Pothole, In One Box

The Degafill pothole repair kit is a complete solution that will repair your pothole without the need for any specialist tools or heavy petrol-driven equipment or machinery. It is cold-cured within 20 minutes, and trafficable immediately after cure.

Potholes are dangerous not only for drivers, but also for motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users. A vehicle’s wheel can become lodged in the pothole, causing it to swerve sideways or, in the case of two-wheeled vehicles, flip over. In some instances, it can affect a vehicle’s wheel alignment, suspension and framework and even puncture the tyres.

Should a vehicle be damaged due to a pothole, the cost to repair the vehicle can be claimed back against the land/organisation the pothole is owned by, with the AA citing that ‘potholes have cost the UK’s councils more than £3.7 million in compensation in the last 18 months’.

Left unrepaired or untreated, potholes can increase in size and negatively affect the aesthetics of the land, or cause damage to customer vehicles resulting in a decrease in customer satisfaction or footfall. It is in the landowners’ best interest to therefore identify, repair and repair a pothole as soon as it appears.

Our Degafill solution is a unique rapid-curing MMA-based product providing a complete kit that forms a permanent repair to asphalt. It is quick to use and comes with a 5-year warranty (unlike other solutions available). When correctly applied, the material used to fill the pothole is heavy and dense and compresses into the asphalt pothole, it does not sink or slump and once cured, the repair is ready for full traffic immediately.

Do not just take our word for it, our Degafill kit has been granted a BBA HAPAS Certificate Number 21/H312 by the Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme. You can view the certificate here.

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Permanent Pothole Repair – The Process

Whatever the weather, whatever the size of the pothole – with a Degafill pothole repair kit, you will be able to fix potholes in four simple steps:

  1. Remove all loose materials by brush or compressed air (the area does not need to
    be 100% dry)
  2. Mix the Degafill pothole repair kit components together in the tin provided
  3. Pour the mixture into the pothole and smooth out with a large trowel
  4. Scatter an additional 2 kg bag of aggregate onto the wet resin surface to leave a texture

Where Can It Be Used

The Degafill Pothole kit is suitable for use in many environments including:

  • Highway pothole repairs
  • Car park pothole repairs
  • Footpath repairs
  • Ironwork reinstatement
  • Minor carriageway repairs
  • Private driveways
  • High traffic junctions
  • Bridge repair work

To watch an installation project, please visit our YouTube Channel.

Developed and manufactured by Degafloor, experts in resin flooring solutions and fire-rated high-performance flat roofing solution Degaflex.

If you would like to learn more about our Degafill kit, or request an onsite demonstration, please contact our team by phone: +44 (0)1778 342545 or email and they will gladly assist you with any questions you may have.

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