About Degafill

Quick-Setting Pothole Repair Kit

Fully cured within 20 minutes of installation and fully trafficable after cure. Degafill is a quick-setting pothole repair kit used by thousands every week.

Suitable for roads, paths and carparks that suffer with the fluctuating Great British weather, Degafill is a ‘complete-solution’ kit that comes with everything you need to repair and fix any pothole.

What makes Degafill so unique to other products is that it does not require any heavy petrol-driven equipment or machinery as it is cold-cured and fully cures within 20 minutes.

The Degafill pothole repair kit is manufactured from technologically advanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin and is suitable for repairs within asphalt substrates without the need to prime or cut back.

Weather-Proof Solution

Our permanent pothole repair kit can easily withstand the inevitable thermal movement of road surfaces throughout the year, without compromising the strength and integrity of the bond to the surrounding area.

How It Works

Take a look at our video below to see exactly how simple our Degafill pothole repair kit is to use.


Fully Certified

The Degafill permanent pothole repair kit is BBA HAPAS approved, S164865 and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Want To Know More

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To find out more, view the Degafill product specification here.

Degaflex is proudly manufactured and produced by Degafloor, experts in resin flooring solutions. Our simple approach to business is one of our biggest assets:

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