FAQs For Degafill Pothole Repair Kit

The Degafill pothole repair kit is a complete solution for tradespeople, contractors and road maintenance workers. Cured within 20 minutes and ready for traffic immediately after cure, it is no wonder thousands of people are using our kits to repair their potholes every week.

Within this section, we will answer any questions you may have about the Degafill pothole repair kit:

  • What is Degafill?

Degafill is a unique rapid curing, MMA-based product. It is provided in a ‘total-solution’ kit
that can be used to provide a permanent pothole repair solution.

  • How long does the pothole kit last?

Unlike other pothole kits, Degafill comes with a 5-year warranty, meaning your repaired pothole will not need to be repaired year after year.

  • How fast does it cure?

It takes 20 minutes to cure and is trafficable immediately after cure.

  • What is the coverage?

Degafill can cover a pothole side of 1 sqm at 11 mm deep.

  • Can it be installed in the rain?

Yes, it can. We advise sweeping out any water that may be in the hole, however any excess water left in the hole will steam off as our product heats up to 45 degrees whilst curing.

  • What temperature can you install the Degafill™ kit?

You can install Degafill as low as -10 degrees with our unique additive Accelerator 50.

  • What is the lowest temperature it can go to without using the Accelerator 50?

If the temperature is over 5 degrees, you do not have to use the Accelerator 50.

  • Do you need to prime on Asphalt before using the pothole kits?

There is no need for priming.

  • Is Degafill a hot or cold-applied solution?

Degafill pothole repair kits are cold-applied solutions within asphalt substrates. It therefore, does not need to be primed or cut back and can be laid without heavy machinery (including heat).

  • What is the pothole repair kit suitable for?

It is suitable for highways, car parks, footpaths, minor carriageways, private driveways, high- traffic junctions and bridge repair works.

  • Can you add more aggregate to bulk out the pothole kit?

We do not advise adding anything extra to the kit, as this will invalidate the 5-year warranty.

  • Where can I purchase a kit from?

Degafill permanent pothole repair kits are available to buy directly from us, simply head to our Contact page to get in touch or call us at +44 (0)1778 342545.

  • Do you need any specialist equipment?

No, all you need is a cordless mixing paddle, which we can supply if required at a reasonable cost.

  • Does the road need to be closed using the Degafill™ Pot Hole Kit?

No, you do not need to close the road you just have to make sure you make the area you are working in safe, or if working on the highway or carriageway, a simple Stop / Go system
s all that is required.

For further specifications on the Degafill Pothole Repair Kit, please head to our Technical
Specification page.